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According to BBC News, 6 to 10 million people took part in protests in up to 60 countries, on every continent, over the weekend of the 15th and 16th of February 2003. Other reports estimated the actual number was closer to 30 million. Protesters from Tasmania to Iceland, New York to Sydney, and London to Rome, marched against the impending war in Iraq. Even at the McMurdo base in Antarctica, more than 50 scientists staged a half-hour rally.

It has been described as “the biggest and most widespread collective protest the world has ever seen. Director, Amir Amirani, produced ‘We Are Many’ over 11 years, filming across seven countries including: Italy, Spain, Egypt, Sweden, Australia, the UK and the USA.

Vancouver, United States

In late December 2002, several of us from Vancouver, Washington found ourselves at another peace movement meeting in nearby Portland, Oregon. We asked ourselves why we didn’t have a peace movement in our home of Vancouver. We began Vancouver for…

Seattle, WA

Marched on two separate occasions – 1st was huge – I have no idea of the estimate of numbers of people, but marched right down 5th avenue looking forward & backward and saw nothing but a sea of people. I…

Washington DC, USA

Took a bus early in the morning with my friend Jorge from NYC to Washington DC. Went with friends to all marches against the war in NYC. Still fume when I remember Bush saying that the vast sea of protesters…


No story – I walked to protest a war that was patently unjust and uncalled for. And look at the subsequent misery and mayhem that have been unleashed. A magnificent film deserving of a wide audience.

San Francisco, USA

My younger daughter and I were living in Santa Cruz, CA and my older daughter was attending UC Santa Barbara. On Feb. 15, 2003 my older daughter came up and the three of us and a number of their friends…


I was in Berlin at the time from New Mexico where I was living. The march was one of the most powerful and memorable I have been on. 500 000 people, Germans mostly, but also a surprising number of Americans…

San Francisco, California, United States

I joined the march downtown. This was the first time in my life I had attended a march for anything. I just couldn’t believe that war was an answer to anything and had to speak up and show up.

Santa Fe, New Mexico USA

My partner (no longer living) and I fashioned our signs and marched with 8,000 other people from the Roundhouse (state Capitol building) to the Plaza! My sign was dripping with red paint, a bit graphic and actually upset a tourist…

Boulder, CO, US

It was a small number, husband suffered from a break down from events related to 9/11 and by the time of this march the marriage had collapsed and I walked with my 7 year old son. The pain from having…


It was a bitterly cold day; I had cycled there with 2 friends. We joined the march and then listened to speakers in Hyde Park who included the Rev Jesse Jackson, Vanessa Redgrave and Bianca Jagger. It was incredible to…

Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and New York City

Not my story . . . rather my promo for the film: ANTI-WAR ACTIVISTS . . . Peace Makers . . . Lovers of Life . . . If you were one of the millions upon millions of individuals (and…

San Francisco, USA

My clearest memory of that day is the amazing tamales someone was selling out of a cooler. It was a long time ago, but I remember the sea of people in front of City Hall. I remember looking down Market…

Great Waltham, Chelmsford

At the time I was a busy mother of 4 and could not get child care so decided to organise a peace rally in our church where those of us who could not go to London to march got together…

Newcastle upon Tyne

I was 13 years old in 2003 and I remember on the day of the march, there was a buzz. People in school were talking about it. At lunchtime we decided that we were going to try and leave the…


Myself and two friends plus my friends son and his girlfriend. We went on the first March where I remember a lot of angry people. I thought by the time of the 2nd March that if the politicians ignored us…


March through London

Wellington New Zealand

Wellington New Zealand

Los Angeles, California

I felt alive and powerful. We all had smiles on our faces and felt united and hopeful.


I joined the March in Trafalgar square. it seemed to go on forever. People swarmed into the Square for hours on end and then I remember migrating to Hyde Park. There were millions of people. The largest demonstration I had…

New York City

I don’t go to demonstrations these days, but this one felt important. I got out of the subway on Manhattan’s East Side and was amazed at the amount of demonstrators everywhere, on Lexington, 3rd, 2nd and 1st avenues. I’d been…

New York City

I marched with my daughter. I couldn’t understand why everyone in the world did not know the Bush/Cheney propaganda was bogus. (When we tried to enter Bloomingdale’s after the march they turned us away because of our signs. lol)

Minneapolis, USA

I marched in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I had moved to the US from the UK a few days before 11 Sept 2001. I heard so much racism, Islamophobia and war mongering in those years. But as I marched with thousands of…

London, UK

At the time I had been living in the UK for 8 years and during those 8 years I never felt moved to get involved let alone travel to London with my 7 years old daughter to march against a…


It was quite cold, but the energy was electric. How I wish the war had been averted! So much death and futility.