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London, UK

I marched in London with my family, wife, teenager daughter and son (photos available). I was the convenor of the Southall ‘Stop the War Coalition’ group.  I wrote a ‘Joint Statement’ opposing the war on Iraq which was signed by all the Sikh and Hindu temples as well as the Mosques and some other organisations in Southall. The statement was published in the local papers.

We used to hold a stall in the Southall Broadway every Saturday and used to collect signatures on a petition opposing the war.  Often we used get long queues of shoppers wanting to sign our petition.  We raised many thousands of signatures.

We also had some members amongst the local school students and on the day they launched the attack on Iraq, more than two hundred school students went on strike and marched through the town.

We also picketed our local MPs surgery who had voted to support the war. We got quite a lot of coverage in the local media. Over number of years, we also had many letters published in the local papers attacking the war.

On the day of the big march we took the tube from Ealing Broadway. When we arrived at the station there were hundreds of people wanting to catch the trains. Initially I thought that they must be going to some football match or some concert.  It was difficult to imagine that so many people would be joining us for the anti-war march.  However, as we approached Westminster there were announcements being made that the station was closed. Nearly the whole train emptied before we reached Westminster and most people joined with us on the march.

However, the crowds on the march were so thick that we were not able to move far and infact were stuck around Piccadilly for a very long time.  Eventually we made to the Hyde Park as the speeches were coming to an end.

But all of us thoroughly enjoyed the day and my children were very happy to be there on that historic day.