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London, UK

For the first time in my life I was so angry that I felt I must do something, so I booked a coach down to London to join the march.  I arranged to meet my disabled daughter who was studying in Bath and came up to London for the weekend. I pushed her across London in her wheelchair, and there were so many people that we went very slowly and didn’t get to Hyde Park till the speeches were all finished.
That day changed my life, as it was before internet and pay-pal booking, so I booked the coach by phoning our local peace group. Stockport for Peace.  They kept sending me emails, so I went along to see what was going on.  Since then I have joined their committee and I started working with refugees after hearing a talk about a local support group.  I have met many wonderful people and taken part in many events.  My life is rich and fulfilling.

However, it is a great sadness that the government did not listen and is still pursuing the same discredited militaristic policies.