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Youtube PLAY TRAILER Stream, rent or buy now "The only film I’ve ever watched where
the audience started clapping halfway through”
"Amir Amirani's stirring documentary...
couldn’t be more germane at a time when
most American citizens are grappling with a
combination of impotent rage and hopeless despair."
- Ann Hornaday, Washington Post


Slide "A beautifully produced documentary... We Are Many does a brilliant job documenting this legacy so many participated in." DocGeeks Slide "The new movie teaching us lessons to learn from the 2003 Iraq war protests" The Independent Read more Slide Stars invoke the spirit of 2003 Iraq war demo in new film The Observer Read more Slide "When the credits started to roll on Sunday the film was met with a 5 minute standing ovation and a deeply moved audience, such a strong reaction rarely witnessed by Doc/Fest." Bring The Noise Slide "The passion and scale of the global protests against the Iraq war in 2003 are a moving reminder of people power....in a tearinducing stop the war documentary" Mark Kermode Read more Slide "the one-to-watch doc from the new Michael Moore on the block." The Guardian Read more Slide loaded with unbelievable deleted scenes and what-happened-next clips that will blow your mind Shortlist Slide "a potent combination of precision and passion" ‏★★★ The Mail on Sunday Slide "This is a bold and important documentary about the immediate failure – but also the lasting legacy – of the 2003 Stop the War movement... A very valuable film" ‏★★★★ The Guardian Read more Slide "A work of beautiful rage… provokes anger and goosebumps" ‏★★★★ Empire Read more Slide "Consistently intelligent and nuanced" Variety Slide "Rousing and moving, it’s a film that should be seen by the many" ‏★★★★ Radio Times Slide "piercing documentary… a righteously angry film"‏ ★★★★ The Herald Slide "powerful account of the epic failure of public opinion" Spectator Read more Slide "engrossing documentary" ★★★★ Daily Star Slide "The most thrilling, vital and rousing film of the year." ‏★★★★★ Joe.co.uk Read more Slide "A sturdy documentary" ‏★★★★ Financial Times Read more Slide "the anger, excitement and hope of that day is brilliantly captured in We Are Many, an emotional and often stirring documentary" ‏★★★★ Daily Express Slide "immensely powerful”, “brilliant” ‏★★★★ Daily Mail