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London, UK – Millions demonstrated yet the authorities still went to war.

I joined the March of Saturday 15 February 2003.  I was the only one from my group of peers that I know that did.  They all believe the hyperbolic drivel the government was giving out.  Most of them came over to my side of the argument, but too late.

My memories of that day are of the determined marchers and their many colourful banners, that was the good side of the demonstration.  When we reached Trafalgar square, I felt it was hyjacked by “representatives” who did not represent my views nor those around me – the speakers were too militant and self-engrandising.

Feb 15th got me into actual street activism, but I loath having my number used by others to promote themselves.  This is why I now like Anonymous.  They have no leaders to spout drivel, they have people, some like me and some not, but they do not pretend to be in it for me, Anonymous are in it for their own reasons and their reasons are many so you have to ask each one why they are “Anonymous”.

Feb 15th proved that peaceful demonstration does not work how it should.  Millions demonstrated yet the authorities still went to war.

It’s now right that people power uses the power of the individual, rather than the power the people are hoodwinked into giving to others.  The authorities fail left, right and centre.  Failure is not an option when it comes to personal liberties and freedoms, there can only be a continuous fight for them.  Feb 15th taught me that.