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London, UK

I saw in my local paper that a coach was leaving for the protest in London, Organised by the Quakers (i think).  I felt i had to do something but had no means of getting myself to London so despite being an Atheist, i kept quiet as i have no problem with others beleifs and joined them for the journey.  When on the coach i found my self sitting next to a scientist and we nattered away, i remember being particularly fascinated about some subjects.

On arriving we lost the group and marched with the crowd Hyde Park and listened to the speakers, If i recall i was particularly moved by Tony Ben’s speach.  We then made our way back to the coach and home.  I was deeply impacted when we were ignored.

I am not a man full of facts and figures,  I simply beleive that the best of Humankind will only be found in Peacful living.

I have had to rush this as i am only able to use timed use computers at the moment.  I hope it is of some use.

I still have the plackard they gave us,  The Green/Black/White one with ‘Not in My Name’ on one side.

Thankyou for your efforts.

Nick Atkinson.