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Glasgow, UK

Trains were cancelled, shortened, delayed. One eventually came but they would not allow any passengers aboard. An announcement was made that we would be taken by bus to another station. We were taken by a very circuitous route and on our arrival, discovered more cancellations. We waited ages before managing to squeeze into a crowded compartment where I chatted with “Neil” – a blind diabetic in a wheelchair – an amputee on his way to “March” against the war!

Long after our expected arrival time, we emerged from Queen Street station in Glasgow. What a sight! People everywhere. Building to building as far as the eye could see. Rather than go to the starting point of the march, we just merged into the throng making its way to the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC) where Tony Blair was scheduled to address a Labour conference.

When we reached SECC the enormous car park was already bursting with people and we were unable to get anywhere near the speakers. However, we caught the announcement, “They are still leaving Glasgow Green” – the starting point of the four mile march. We stayed at the SECC for an hour or so before heading back to the station. Only as we approached the city centre did we eventually see the end of the march.

On the evening news, the BBC announced that thirty thousand people had marched through Glasgow. That comment is what finally convinced me that dark forces are at work in this country. I have seen huge crowds at major sporting events but nothing like I saw that day. There were certainly well over a hundred thousand people. Well over!