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London, UK – This is a film that must be made.

In February 2003 I was living in London. I remember September 11th 2001 because I was working at the same company I work for now, NewsNow.co.uk.

We watched events unfold on an old TV in the office while trying to keep the web site up and running and coping with the demand. I went on every anti-war protest after that, against the war in Afghanistan and then against the invasion of Iraq.

Many people knew at the time that the reasons for war were concocted: it was patently obvious. That’s why 2 million people turned up. I saw coaches parked that had come from all over the country. I saw young and old marching.

My parents came down from Yorkshire to march with me. This was THE ONLY protest they had EVER been to, before or since, despite having grown up in the sixties. I remember listening to Tony Ben’s speech and tears filling my eyes, as they are now.

This is a film that must be made, not just to commemorate a great event, but to spark greater resistence to the continuation of the ‘war on terror’ which has terrorised so many people since.