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London, UK

We took the tube from Finsbury Park to Covent Garden then walked down to the Embankment.  We were surrounded by people all walking down to Embankment – people with whistles, horns, drummers – it felt like carnival.

By the time we arrived which was around 10  the whole of Embanment was a sea of rainbow colours – people dressed in party clothes, anti-war t-shirst, hats, shakers, pom poms .

We just knew we were at the right place for the right reasons and it was so lovely to see so many many people felt like we did.  We were angry – our government was going to war for Oil and they were doing this in the full knowledge that they did not have the support of the people who had elected them and we wanted to tell the world – to tell Afghanistan and Iraq that our government was going against the wishes of the people.

It was such a sad day, but it was such a happy atmosphere – we were proud to be there.  We walked down Embankment, up Whitehall to Trafalgar , along Pall Mall up to Piccadilly to Hyde Park.  I remember so many flags, bands, music drums.  I was very proud to be there with so many people of all ages come together for peace.