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London, England

I was so upset and enraged by the decisions being made by my government that when I heard about the march I decided to book a coach because I knew there would be others like me from my home town Glastonbury in Somerset who would want to take part in the Stop the War demonstration. I put posters up all around town about the march and sold tickets for the coach through a local shop who were happy to help out. I was worried that I wouldn’t fill the coach and would end up out of pocket but so many people wanted to come that I had to book another coach and the company only had some really old clapped out coach left unbooked, so on the day those that went on the first super smart state of the art coach got to the march on time to hear the speakers in Hyde Park, those of us on the second dilapidated coach arrived late after breaking down enroute! We were disappointed but everyone was in good spirits and we made it to the march eventually to make sure our voices were heard among the many that day. I am glad to have taken part and to have stood with so many who said ‘not in my name.’