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London, UK

I went with a friend from Christchurch Dorset, we got the train to London Waterloo and made our way to Great Russell Street.

I can remember walking form Tottenham Court Road tube station and as we got closer to the start of the march thinking there wasn’s a huge number of people about. We must have arrived early!

As the day went on masses joined as we went along. The noise of the whistles, drums and chanting ‘Not in our Name’ was infectious, the energy was tangiable. It only hit me the sheer numbers involved when we were walking across Waterloo bridge and we could see the march on Westminster bridge, and we were packed together, remarkable! I found it incredibly moving and powerful. I thought we can’t be ignored now!

I think the fact that this show of force did not sway the government in its decision to go to war made me realise that politicians have their own agenda. I’ve been cynical and disillusioned ever since. Not that this has stopped me from supporting and joining in with marches and rallies. We have a voice if nothing else. More power to the 99%