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We travelled by bus from Northampton. My 3 primary school age children all came. It was such a huge March by the time we reached the end all the speakers had finished. It was an incredible atmosphere and the best March I have ever attended although I am quite experienced in this. It was so busy we got the wrong coach home. On our return we were front page on the local paper. My sons teacher put the picture on the class notice board and told him how impressed she was. My middle daughter organised a protest march around her primary school play ground and they all chanted ” don’t attack Iraq , don’t forget the animals” . They all got told to stop by the headmistress. We still have her home made banner in our cellar. We never forgot that day and although unsuccessful it certainly helped shape the hearts and minds of my family and they have been politically active for social justice nationally and internationally ever since. Can’t wait to see the film.