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On the day I travelled up from SE London to London Bridge and walked towards the Embankment to the start. I never had any doubts about the need to demonstrate which I had done many times before against the threat of war.

As always, however, until the start of the march the uncertainty about how well attended it would be was in my mind. Particularly as the establishment media always tended to play down the numbers demonstrating against issues that they were in support of.

I did not have to walk far before reaching the end of the queue of demonstrators massing.The atmosphere was electric as others began to realise that this was no ordinary demonstartion this was BIG as we were so far from the head of the march.

For so many to get to London and march indicated that many in the country were against the war. At one point, as if to establish this beyond doubt, the occupants of a double decker bus, held up by the march, got up from their seats went to the windows of the bus applauded the marchers and put up their thumbs in support.

This was an emotional moment and the marchers who had seen this roared their approval.

A memory that will remain with me forever.