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London, UK

I was 11 and knew very little about politics and what was happening in the world, My Dad came to pick me up on the morning of the 15th February 2003, and said we were going to Central London for a protest. I had learned about protests in school, and was completely fascinated by the idea. I was so excited that I would actually be going to one. He explained to me why the protest was happening and said later in my life I would be proud that I had been there. He was right.

When we got there the amount of people was slightly overwhelming for me, especially because it was so loud. But I remember looking up and seeing the set lines of determination on people’s faces and the fire in their eyes. They were there for a reason, and were going to make sure everyone knew that reason. It made me want to know everything about each individual and everything about the cause. I remember reading on banners and placards ‘NOT IN MY NAME’ and the aggressive but peaceful chanting, telling those men and women in their expensive suits and vague facial expressions that I saw everyday on TV, that they were wrong.

Now from time to time, I look back on that day and feel happy. Nothing else, nothing complicated, just happiness. Because it was that one day that not only the protesters in London and the rest of the UK, but the WORLD, was one.

And no one can take that away from us.