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I joined a coach in Oxford City centre and soon made firm friends with Rachel in the next seat, we spent the whole march together. I remember the amazing feeling of shared conviction and determination, the music and texting friends on other parts of the march. I met up with a dear friend outside the Royal Acadamy and when we finished the March at Hyde Park we heard people speaking and saw a field of paper flowers. After that we travelled back to Soho and shared a meal but on leaving the restaurant we found thousands more marchers who had not long set out. I’ve never seen so many people with a shared purpose stepping out together to show how much it meant to us. An unbelievably moving experience and one which I still rember with joy. It was also the day that epitomises for me betrayal by the Prime Minister and the government of the day. I’ve never trusted a politician since. Two million people marching with shared belief through London and they ignored us.