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Berlin, Germany

I was in Berlin in the week before 15th February 2003, at the film festival. When it ended, many of us took to the march in Berlin. It was the biggest gathering I had ever participated in.

When I returned to London, I heard about the scale of the gathering there. And i soon started to research and learn about the global nature of the gathering on that day, and the historic scale of it, and global reach.

I decided that I needed to document the story of the day in a film.

That was the inspiration for this film, and web project.

We Are Many is a film about that day, but is also a social community for everyone who took part.

We want the site to be a permanent monument to the day, an archive of stories and media, and a community that allows people to meet each other, organize and become a powerful voice and source of activism and organization.

If you took part on that day, you were really part of a historic day.

Please join us, tell us your story and start to help us grow the community.

Together, we can really start to make a difference.