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Shenfield, UK

I was 13 years old, and at secondary school. I remember vividly, not really understanding the dynamics of the protest, but being avidly against creating more war. At the break between lessons, we were discussing how disgusted we were about the impending invasion of Iraq, and someone declared we should protest as well.

Within 5 minutes, the majority of the school were engaged in a sit-in on the playground. It lasted the rest of the day, with pupils resisting multiple threats of detention.

Although this doesn’t compare to the huge scale of the other protests, I still remember it as my first experience of activism, and it amazes me that as children we were so engaged in the issue. I don’t know the exact date, it was shortly after the huge protest on the 15th, but it was incredible that the scale of protest could filter down to 1000 kids in a local comp.