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Seattle, United States

I was part of the 20,000-30,000 people who marched in Seattle. It was powerful to be part of such an important day and to see so many people passionately speaking out against tyranny and aggression. I look forward to seeing the whole story of that day told in this film.

Leading up the Bush/Gore election of 2000, I remember telling friends that if Bush came to power the US would invade Iraq within two years. Those words were prescient and, as we all remember now, this was the beginning of a very dark era for America and the world. Long before 9/11, the seeds were planted for an invasion of Iraq. Bush (and Blair’s) lies were so blatant that people with a healthy sense of skepticism could easily see through the smokescreens used to disguise their justification for this illegal invasion.

One still can’t help but feel anger, sadness, and despair all these years later about the thousands of lives senseless lost to this war and all the lasting harm done to Iraq, the US and their allies. However, as this film will hopefully demonstrate, the beginning of something larger began on 15 February 2003: a global consciousness that unites us all and is bigger and more powerful that any one country, leader, or political party.