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It was an incredible day. The numbers of people and the diversity was tremendous. I could not believe how many people came and I was excited and moved.There were thousands of parents with their children. There were thousands young people dressed in their favourite colours with colours in their hair and clothes. I have been on many marches but you could tell that many people had come out especialy to prevent war. people who had never marched before.
There was an excitement of feeling that there could not be a war after millions of people had taken to the streets. I was moved that the people of England opposed war and came to show their opposition. we were all in this together and we all knew that war must not happen.
People say that Tony Blair had never lived in a war, well most of us on this march hadn’t either. But we were united in the knowledge that was means devastation and leads to violence, oppression and inequality. War is never the answer, this was our message.