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I was 13 at the time. I had been on one demonstration before in September of the previous year and I had really enjoyed it! I actually felt like I was making a difference! I went along with my mother, father, sister and local stop the war group. I was excited, young and enthusiastic!

I remember getting to the march, finding it hard to move and as we shouted at the skies and with those around us I felt such unity, that I hadn’t felt before! This demonstration encouraged me to become far more political, and it inspired me to get involved in different stop the war activities and different campaigns!

I remember the chants and holding a sign up saying ‘Not in my Name’! I remember shouting ‘Bush, Blair CIA, how many kids did you kill today?’ I felt alive! And energetic, I just loved what I was doing on that moment. I remember the speeches and the moment when we heard from someone that 2 million people were marching! It was so inpsiring! I am so glad I went along!