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London, UK

As I walked south through central London towards the main body of the march with my friend, we were both struck by the never-ending stream of people on every single street .It was as if there were literally thousands of tributaries flowing into the main powerful river of protest. The whole of London seemed to be energised with a sense of humanity and justice which I had never witnessed on this scale before. I had already participated in numerous demos from supprt for the miners to anti-apartheid, all of which were uplifting and moving, but this was clearly on a different scale altogether.

We joined the march properly at Picadilly Circus and were swept along the length of Picadilly and ultimately into Hyde Park. We were both almost overwhelmed with the sense of being part of such a mass of people all of whom shared a common desire to prevent a clearly illegal and unnecessary war. The atmosphere was breathtaking, unique and extraordinary for the whole day, the sense of brotherhood and fellowship a moving reminder that values of humanity, decency and morality are indeed more commonly held than the media and the political establishment would have us believe.

Though  I recall the speeches being fantastic, it was the energy and passion of this mass of people of all ages and all races which moved me the most.

And that was before I became aware that others with similar  compassion were marching across 50 or even 60 countries. Miliions upon millions of like-minded souls…

The legacy of the war needs no telling here…..we all know that it was based on a lie, or rather several lies, and how many totally unnecessary deaths ?

We must never forget that day,  globalisation as it should be !  It has influenced street protest ever since ….even through to the current pro-democratic movements across the Middle East.

We are many , and we will win the long fight.

Love is  more powerful than greed.