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The past is a foreign country. Fifteen years ago it was February 15th, 2003: one million people marched in Barcelona’s Plaça Tetuán to say no to the US invasion of Iraq. With the local Indymedia collective we set up a rudimentary wi-fi connection with a box of Pringles (thanks to Mike Harris!) to connect our demonstration with other protests taking place all over the world. Then three more squares were occupied, while Ada Colau and his colleagues squatted five or six buildings in one day: one of them for a while was a social center in the Raval neighborhood. The three acampadas against the war lasted a whole month; every single night at 10pm thousands of people banged on pans to protest, as in Argentina two years before. From one of the squatted squares we printed a newsletter (together with Isabella Bruni) to bring to the streets the news from Baghdad that we found in the net. Professor Manuel Delgado showed up in the square with a TV and VCR under his arm, to explain us that occupying the street was like ‘Singing in the Rain’. Our aim was to stop the city to stop the war. In the huge meetings we held in the squares, we talked about the link between the war faraway, and the city we lived in: Barcelona needed to bomb other cities, because it couldn’t live without their oil. Our acampadas prefigurated a city that didn’t need any wars. Less than two years had passed since 9-11, but we weren’t afraid of standing against the invasion of Iraq. Fifteen years after that, Syria is shattered, and we still can’t find a way to protest. #Noalaguerra #Nooblidem #15feb2003