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I travelled to London with my partner on the train as I remember feeling alarmed with the shocking escalation of the situation and I felt that Blair was going to support Bush without question. I did not believe in their claim about Iraq possessing WMD. I suspected that both leaders wanted personal glory and a scapegoat for 9/11 and that Iraq suited their cause perfectly; they could dominate an area with rich oil revenues. The potential victims of a war in Iraq would not leave my mind and we both felt that it was vital to protest this escalation though conscious of the probability that Blair would not heed our call. Though we were aware of the large numbers marching that day, we had no idea that it was so many and that it had developed into a worldwide mass protest at that time.

I have booked a viewing of the film ‘We Are Many’ and I’m expecting that it will be an emotional experience for millions of people. Congratulations to the film-makers, you have my admiration for telling the story that the world should never forget and the western leaders that we should never forgive.