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London, UK

Me and my Mum travelled down together on the bus from the Burnley area for the march, it was crazy , we never made it to Hyde park or got to hear the speakers because there was that many people in the streets.

Me and my Ma Susan Brown nee Jones had attended marches when I was a kid, she used to drag me to London to all the CND marches and to Support the Miners Strikes in the 80’s. I hated travelling down because I was travel sick and used to thro up on the coach all the way down , but I loved it when we got there, seeing artists like Billy Bragg and hearing the great Tony Benn, Michael Foot and Scargill speak. I’m so glad my Mum brought me up that way.

The numbers at the anti war march were amazing and was probably the most attended march I’ve been on, I remember the media saying it was only 500 thousand to 1 million people, we laughed at that because we knew there was at least a couple of Million who attended. The state wanted to play it down, something they always do but if you we’re there you knew that this was no ordinary march.

I recall us being shocked when they did invade Iraq, how could they after so much public opposition, a so called Labour government, that left me very disillusioned with New Labour from that point.

My Mum passed away 6 months ago through cancer at 59, she was a strong women a socialist & feminist with a very giving and loving personality , that was the last march we attended together and I will always treasure the memories of all the marches we attended together, I miss her deeply and especially the political debates we’d have with each other.

It’s so important to go and protest if you can, take your kids, make them politically aware, that’s the only way the world will ever change, let’s hope it does, for the better of all mankind.