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London, UK

I remember

It being fairly cold but fortunately dry.

The slogan ‘War is so 20th Century’ at the top of Gower Street.

John Peel and his family behind us, the last time I saw him alive – the first had been at Middle Earth in ’67

The music playing from the windows of the houses we passed.

The Les Miserables cast and techies waving to us in from the windows of  the theatre in Shaftsbury Avenue.

It taking 5 hours to shuffle from Gower Street to Hyde Park.

‘Dying’ for a piss and ending up finally finding a loo in the UCL Hospital in Mortimer Street

Meeting people I knew on the train home, and later that evening at a local gig, who I didn’t know were there and vice versa.

Being saddened later at the media’s low, in my opinion, count of how many had marched.