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I was on the Stop The War on February 15, 2003. We know we were more than a million. More like two million. As always – furious when the figures on and in the news were watered down. At the time I thought:

‘I am able to attend this March, but I personally know (at least) 9 others who couldn’t  make it to the demonstration  because: they were carers; ill themselves; weak-bladdered; disabled; working, or couldn’t afford the fare. It occured to me while I was walking that if each person who had turned out carried a coloured A4 petition with their and nine other signatures, then even Blair wouldnd’t have been able to go ahead with 10 x (say) 1.5 million protesters = 15 million.

There were plenty of stewards who could have collected them as the marchers passed certain points. If you ran with the idea you could have white for 10 signatures, and other agreed colours for 5, 20, or 50 signatures. Counting would be made easy and the media could be told instantly how many people were wanting to ‘ Stop The War’.

Since 2003 on-line petitions  have entered the main-stream, but while you have protests/demos – there is the need for a way of measuring how the  general public feel.

I can’t make it to the next big demo, but I would like to be represented. May Peace and Justice prevail. Misha Carder(Bath)