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I went to the march with my teenage son. The build up to the war and the general mass hysteria following 9-11 made me terrified.
My son was very passionately opposed to the war. We discussed the issues frequently. We rode up with a group on a chartered bus from our town an hour away. It was a wonderful experience. Personally, just the bonding with my son. Seeing his dedication, all the wonderful, angry, determined people. So many people! It was calm and focused and we were so glad we participated. As a child my parents were activists and I had attended many, many marches, it felt great to share this momentous action with my own son.
Later, on the news, all we saw were a few clips that minimized the absolutely massive, peaceful crowd , and played up a couple of incidents of vandalism/rude behavior. Focusing on a couple of negative individuals, instead of th many thousands of people trying to get the world to pay attention to this obvious ( to us ) looming atrocity. That part was very disheartening. But the overall feeling was hopeful.