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Im Caroline, my husband Rob and son James travelled from Suffolk on a coach organised by Waveney Greenpeace to London. The coach was full after picking up everyone from stops on the way. We had organised ourselves well with packed food, drinks and goodies. Our son was now at high school so I knew that this was probably going to be one of the most important marches/ event in his young life. When we got to London we were energised by the cheer volume of people there. People from many walks of life and countries. We meet some incredible Americans who had created there own banners about “Star Wars”. They were wonderfully funny but also knew how important this march was. The march was incredibly well organised. And PEACE was the message. It was a PEACE march that’s how we’ve always remembered it. We were standing, walking singing and dancing for PEACE. As we walked slowly down Oxford Street all the office workers were waving to everyone out of their windows. They must have been cold!! But it didn’t stop them supporting us. The feeling our true LOVE and togetherness was everywhere on that day. I remember feeling SO hopeful so hopeful that the war would not happen. I remember thinking that my son was witnessing and being part of the most important event so far in his very young life. I took some great pictures which he kept on his bedroom notice board for many years afterwards. He is always campaigning for peace and equal rights and has a big heart. He is now working on a capachian monkey research project in Costa Rica!! The world gas really opened up for him. There is only one way to PEACE and that is through PEACE! We ( you personally) must be the change that is required to bring PEACE.