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According to BBC News, 6 to 10 million people took part in protests in up to 60 countries, on every continent, over the weekend of the 15th and 16th of February 2003. Other reports estimated the actual number was closer to 30 million. Protesters from Tasmania to Iceland, New York to Sydney, and London to Rome, marched against the impending war in Iraq. Even at the McMurdo base in Antarctica, more than 50 scientists staged a half-hour rally.

It has been described as “the biggest and most widespread collective protest the world has ever seen. Director, Amir Amirani, produced ‘We Are Many’ over 11 years, filming across seven countries including: Italy, Spain, Egypt, Sweden, Australia, the UK and the USA.

New York City

We made signs, bundled up in our warmest coats, and marched with about 1 million people in NYC. There was a group of Thayer artists named Billionaires for Bush carrying signs “Blood for oil!” We were students & professionals, artists…


I marched in London with my friend Tim. It was a massive march, the weather was a little cold and very grey and I remember Hari Krishna people brightening the scene with their orange robes and drums amongst all the…


I was working as a tour manager in Madrid. My group of American students and I joined the marchers entering the Puerta Del Sol as we made our way across to our hotel. These teenagers then stood on the balcony…

New York City – U.S.A.

We chartered a bus from Town Hall in Arlington, Massachusetts which left at 7 am in the freezing/dark/cold. It was a full bus. We got to NYC at 10:30 where we “joined the millions” to protest the coming war on…


I marched through London with my then to be husband.


Woke up that day and thought to myself.. I have to get down there! But I needed a sign, So I used a mop handle taped w/cardboard. & then I printed out the image that summed things up for me…..


Never been on protest but was in London and saw a countryside alliance March a year before. When saw this and thought “well if these prats can have their say, then I have mine”, so when along with wife and…

Melbourne, Australia

The biggest protest I’ve been to was also the one that made me realise that I didn’t live in the democracy I thought I did. Even though thousands demanded ‘NO WAR’, our country still went to war. I couldn’t understand…


Cold weather, duct tape, police dogs/horses, civil obedience/disobedience, love/hate, warm soup!

London, UK

I have never experienced anything like that in my life before or since.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I went to the demonstration in Amsterdam together with my father, my sister and a good friend. I remember the banners NO WAR FOR OIL. And this is exactly what the problem was and still is. It felt terrible that…


No story. What we did together was valid in its own right and what ever happened after that fact cannot be deleted from history. And when the history of that time comes to be written, it will have to say,…


Amazed at the numbers. I marched with my son, his partner and a friend

Tucson Arizona, United States

At sunset we marched from a church to the Campbell – Speedway streets intersection. We did a candlelight vigil for peace. My 11 year-old son was with me. He’s 24, now. We’re still at war.

Sydney, Australia

My wife and I took our 5 year old daughter to the protest. My daughter is now 19 years old and she is so proud that she stood together in protest on this day.

Sydney, Australia

My wife and I took our 5 year old daughter to the protest. My daughter is now 19 years old and she is so proud that she stood together in protest on this day.

New York, NY

I was a volunteer with United for Peace and Justice, I spent days handing out flyers beforehand (and getting yelled at by people who said ‘we want war!’) and then the whole day I was selling buttons and hats etc…

London, UK

I was 10 years old, I made my own banner at school and pleaded with my mum to take me to the demonstration. The march may not have changed the fact that we went to war, but I will never…

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Me and 3 friends marched with 10’s of thousands from dam square to the Leidseplein. We carried a giant white sphere and threw it to people … bouncing it around the crowd. We stayed on the Leidseplein for a few…

London, England

It was the first time I’d been on a march of any kind. I was only 7, but my Mum and Dad took me and my two sisters (aged 9 and 5). I remember it being the most amount of…

Vancouver Canada

– I came to Canada in 1969 as a refugee from American militarism. I knew what a war based on lies meant to people attacked by the United States. The Vietnamese people were slaughtered mercilessly by the American military and…

Raleigh, North Carolina, US

It was a inspiring day. I had just moved to NC to be a teacher there. It was powerful to discover many of my new colleagues were also there participating in the march!

London, England.

When I think back to that time I am struck by rage, depression and betrayal. I went on the demonstration by myself because I felt this was not a social event. When I got there I was confronted by an…

London, UK

I had given birth just a few weeks before the Protest March, but my husband I knew we needed to join the protest. We bundled our little baby warmly and marched together with millions. We have a lovely photo of…